Chris & Nelly

November 13, 2017 - Miami, FL

I guess the first thing you should know about us is that we are married! Actually, we were just recently married in Miami, FL this past Winter. Being best friends and working side-by-side literally for 7+ years we truly compliment each other in every way. I, Chris, am more of the outspoken, loves to laugh and joke, OCD one of the two while Nelly is the more emotional, typically conservative in nature and super protective. We are not the same person but we understand each others strengths and weaknesses and love both the same. Our family as seen above is made up of 5. We have three kids who are also quite different in personality but that just makes it that much more fun. Okay I'm kidding it's actually like a hormonal catastrophe in our house right now but totally cool guys, we got this! :)

As a couple we love traveling, eating out, and spending time with friends. We aren't huge partiers but we absolutely love to dance. Music is actually a huge part of our lives which is good because you know, I am a DJ! But seriously, our playlists are all over the place and we are okay with that. That's a little about us as a couple.